There are seven emirates in UAE and the biggest revenue-generating emirate among them is my favorite country Dubai. It is situated on the southern coast of the Persian Gulf. It is known to be one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. People go to Dubai to find jobs as it is a growing place where one can easily find jobs and start any business as many facilities and benefits are provided by the city to its residents.

As mentioned in an essay about Dubai before and now, Dubai really had no visible natural look or advantage and was surrounded by sand located on the top of the Arabian desert a decade ago. But now it has comfy cottages spread around the coastline.


The climate of Dubai is usually hot all around the year. Its summers are long, scorching, and overbearing. The humidity is high during the summer season and moderates the rest of the time. And as I have read in my city Dubai essay, the temperature of Dubai usually varies from 13.8°C to 41.1°C. The hottest month in Dubai is July with a temperature of more than 40°C while the coldest month in Dubai is January with a temperature of about 15°C.


Dubai’s population has increased on a large scale from a few thousand locals to well over a million residents in the past two decades. The biggest reason for the early rise in population in Dubai is its business-friendly environment which has attracted millions of merchants from neighboring countries to relocate to Dubai. Later in the 20th century as the city construction boom, a large number of south Asian laborers and experts in the field from all over the world moved to Dubai and played a vital role in the diverse economy of Dubai. I also came to know recently after reading the Dubai paragraph that now the number of immigrants living in Dubai is far greater than its locals.


Dubai is well known for its state of art and attracts the world through it. It is the emirate of modern architectural wonders. It has Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world which continues to dominate the city skyline, the Museum of the future, a seven-story landmark that is known to be the most beautiful building in the world as mentioned by one of the tourists in the essay on Dubai trip, the Mosque of Light which has a white glass reinforced exterior with symmetrical forms and calligraphy. The other malls and buildings as described in the global village Dubai essay also have astonishing features such as Burj e Arab which is known to be the world’s only seven stars and tallest hotel, Cayan tower, Dubai mall, and many others. Dubai’s captivating deserts, deluxe hotels, global village, cultural attractions, and attractive beaches further add to its beauty.


The people of Dubai are well known for their cultural values and hospitability principles. They are very generous and welcoming. After reading Dubai descriptive essay I came to know that the people of Dubai follow the Islamic way of life and strongly believe in cultural diversity. Dubai has a higher number of immigrants living in it as compared to the locals as the Emiratis now believe in growing their economy with diverse cultures and backgrounds. And in fact, the best thing I read in a paragraph about Dubai city, is that in spite of the fact that people from completely different background live in it with different culture and ritual in Dubai, it still maintains its peace and continue to prosper. The essay writers UAE service has a lot of information to say about this.


Due to this geographical proximity to Iran, it has a central trade location. A number of the foreign tradesman from Iran have settled now in Dubai. It is the largest report hub in the region as it is the home to the largest commercial port known as Jebel Ali port. And I have also read in a paragraph on Dubai site that exporters from all around the world consider it an ultimate platform for their small and large international businesses.


Dubai has invested immensely in its transformation to attract tourists. There is something magnetic about this emirate that draw tourist towards it says essay writers UAE. After my visit to Dubai is agree with the fact that its beautiful beaches, sand dunes, state of art buildings, shiny skyscrapers, all-inclusive accommodation options, shopping at Dubai mall, water tours, camel safari, luxury yacht tours, paragliding, cruise, and sailing make it a perfect tourist spot.


A short essay on Dubai written by the famous tourist James demonstrates how Dubai is becoming the center of the service industry mainly for finance and IT with its increasing facilities and how swiftly growing airline is helping people in a remarkable way based at Dubai international airport carrying over 12 million passengers each year.


It looks incredibly amazing how Dubai is convert into a metropolis from a desert area in a few decades with all the ultimate discoveries, accomplishments, ultimate places of entertainment along with the beauty of nature sprinkles all over the emirate.

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